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The Queen's Nursing Institute works with the public, nurses and decision-makers to make sure that good quality nursing is available at home for everyone when they need it.

Healthcare at home

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Enjoy a great day out, and raise vital funds for nursing and caring charities, by visiting an open garden. The 2016 NGS Yellow Book lists them all. 

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Providing vital funding for projects that help improve patient care.

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If you are interested in nursing heritage, visit our website celebrating District Nursing around the world since 1859.

The Burdett Trust for Nursing

The QNI is proud to acknowledge the support of the Burdett Trust for Nursing. The Trust works with the QNI to deliver our Fund for Innovation and Leadership.

The Burdett Trust is an independent charitable Trust named after Sir Henry Burdett KCB, the founder of the Royal National Pension Fund for Nurses (RNPFN). The Trust was set up in recognition of the foundation, philosophy and structure of the RNPFN.  Working in collaboration with their funding partners the charity makes grants to nurses and other healthcare professionals involved in a wide range of innovative projects.

Nurses, midwives, health visitors and the allied health professions make up the majority of the healthcare workforce and play a pivotal role in direct care to patients. The Trust targets its grants at projects that are nurse-led, using its funds to empower nurses and make significant improvements to the patient care environment.

In 2009 the Trust introduced four grant programmes, and the QNI was chosen as one of the Funding Partners to help deliver two of these:

  1. Building Nurse Leadership Capacity: supporting nurses in their professional development to create a cadre of excellent nursing and allied health professionals who will become leaders of the future and foster excellence and capacity-building in advancing the nursing profession.
  2. Supporting Local Nurse-led Initiatives: to support nurse-led initiatives that make a difference at local level and are focussed explicitly on improving care for patients and users of services.

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