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QUESTION: Is anyone else experiencing difficulties in gaining community care grants at an appropriate time. In Leicester we cannot submit the request until the details of the tenancy are known, once these details are known the families are then moving out of the hostel and into the tenancy, usually within 7 – 10 days. Since the grant requires up to 6 weeks to process this is resulting in families moving out with no beds to sleep on, cookers to cook on or fridges to safely store food. On one occasion that I am aware of this has resulted in a new born baby and his mother sleeping on the floor.

ANSWER: CCG's won't be available soon anyway as the Social Fund is being disbanded. Write to local MP with example of mother and infant - this will be repeated if the closure of the Social Fund goes ahead. Doesn't help immediately but may help change policy.

ANSWER: just as a short addition regarding the Community Care Grant question, further information can be found on the disability alliance website


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