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The Queen's Nursing Institute works with the public, nurses and decision-makers to make sure that good quality nursing is available at home for everyone when they need it.

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QUESTION: Could you ask the members of the Opening doors Project what they think should be included in a booklet for families who are homeless/in temporary accommodation, which includes, housing, health etc.

ANSWER: A nurse in Eastbourne and the homeless team in Hastings have been developing a booklet/information for homeless families which includes local information. I know the team in Hastings have also added rights to health care, how the NHS works, the different roles of workers that may meet, what A.E. is for, NHS Direct number, number for interpreters and also language identification.

ANSWER: You can also check the 'Patients' area of the QNI website - or email Matthew, the QNI's Communications Manager [email protected] for suggestions about how to create patient information leaflets.


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