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The Queen's Nursing Institute works with the public, nurses and decision-makers to make sure that good quality nursing is available at home for everyone when they need it.

Healthcare at home


The QNI's 'Opening Doors' project held a number of free workshops during 2011 and 2012. Please click on the links in the left hand menu to see presentations from each event.

Delegates at a recent workshop

What delegates said:

‘excellent day, feel fuelled up, fixed up and ready for action – inspirational!’

‘it will make a difference gave me a boost. Always loved this work but today has reactivated my enthusiasm and given me lots of ideas for further reading and discussion with colleagues’.

‘a very informative and inspirational day, thanks!’

‘a well thought out and planned study day’

‘discussion sessions were a very good idea to aid consolidation/reflection with a view to enhancing practice’.

‘the broad range of topics from Child Protection issues through to homelessness. The range within the delivery with lecturers, group work etc’

What delegates said they would do:

‘if I start working with a family with drug use, check to see if Hep B vaccination has been given.’

‘reflecting on my practice. I want to go back and ask the local alcohol service if they detox pregnant women, if not, why not and will they consider it? Idea of end of life care being so important.’

‘I will be offering all substance misusers BBV screening. The flexibility of working that I have learnt to do thoroughly experience is echoed by those giving the presentations. I use the 'grab and jab' with contraceptive depo as Im sexual health trained. More aware of the ongoing problems of babies in the 0-3 month period born to mothers with substance misuse.’

Look at good standards, innovation. Making sure homeless people and families included in all services- Equality Impact Assessments.

‘Peadiatriticans doing 6/52 reviews for all substance misusers in history and baby. Hep B vaccines for babies is routine in some trusts.’


Supporting Carers

Transition to Community

Homeless Health