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The Queen's Nursing Institute works with the public, nurses and decision-makers to make sure that good quality nursing is available at home for everyone when they need it.

Healthcare at home

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Enjoy a great day out, and raise vital funds for nursing and caring charities, by visiting an open garden. The 2015 NGS Yellow Book lists them all. 

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Providing vital funding for projects that help improve patient care.

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If you are interested in nursing heritage, visit our website celebrating District Nursing around the world since 1859.

Shaken Baby Syndrome

Janine McKnight created the 'Stop that shake! Babies Break!' project in Staffordshire. The aim of the project was to raise awareness of the dangers of shaking a baby to make it quiet. Some inexperienced parents can inadvertently cause permanent brain damage to babies by doing this. The QNI helped to fund a professional resource back to help educate young people about shaken baby syndrome, and educational sessions.

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Shaken baby syndrome group


Supporting Carers

Transition to Community

Homeless Health

Nursing Heritage Wall Calendar

Click here to order your 2015 Nursing Heritage Wall Calendar. Only £5 plus p&p from our online shop