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The Queen's Nursing Institute works with the public, nurses and decision-makers to make sure that good quality nursing is available at home for everyone when they need it.

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Project Workshops

Are you interested in applying for a QNI grant but not sure about the professional workshops? Read below what some participants wrote in their evaluations after one of our sessions:

Learning about other people's work:

It was inspiring and interesting to hear about the diverse range of projects. Some informed our thinking about our own project

It was really interesting – the diversity of the projects and the background and experience of other team members

Very interesting to see such diverse subjects – opened my eyes

Very good to hear from other in similar areas for networking

About communications, patient information and media:

Interesting in how to deal with publicity

Useful getting a perspective regarding media developments

Having not had ‘press’ experience before this session was very useful

Great at explaining use of communication/media etc

It was useful to see a range of literature and to be made aware of the experience and support that the QNI team can provide.

On project planning and outcome measures:

Useful session to really focus in on what our project is all about and what we can realistically achieve

Very useful exercise to help keep us focussed

Very good to focus on specific aims and outcomes

So useful – much clearer idea to what I am doing

This was very helpful to order my thoughts

Very enthusiastic and motivated person. The achievements were superb and can be spread across the country saving time money and better nursing care.

Day 2 session on evaluating outcomes was very useful especially work on planning triangle.

Intense but necessary.

Overall comments:

It was very useful to me in terms of this project but also in terms of my role in a new social work service. 

A great start to our project. I feel the skills I have learned over the last two days will help me reach my project aim.

The sessions were highly informative and inspiring. The outline we received in advance ‘undersold’ what a great opportunity these 2 days represent.

All sessions were useful and interesting looking forward to beginning my project.

Thank you – these two days have helped to focus my thoughts and empower me to go back to my trust with increased confidence about me idea/innovation. Great to meet other nurses who are passionate about their role.

Whole two days have been very good – great to network and find support/discuss issues and projects with others.

A very informative two days learnt a lot about other projects and QNI. All the presentations were excellent and of good quality. Happy with venue and staff very welcoming.

Great programme I feel better equipped to move forward in my approach to the project – Thank you.

Very accommodating friendly and informative – Many thanks.



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