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QNI 10k runners' blogs

Thank you to all our fantastic runners for running the 10k run for the QNI!

If you would like to find out how their training is going, read on below:

Matthew Bradby

Matthew Bradby
Marketing and Communications Manager, QNI
Running history: 2x 10km runs, this will be the 3rd
3 May 2011 - 2 months and 7 days before the run
"I did some short distance running throughout the winter so that starting training would not be too much of a shock! Nevertheless I've been pretty lazy so doing a 10k is not going to be easy at all. I am going to the gym this evening to do some running and we'll see how far I get. With just over two months to go to the run, I need to avoid booze, eat healthily,and get plenty of exercise. If you are able to sponsor me, this helps the motivation!"
To sponsor Matthew, please click here.

15 June 2011 - less than 1 month before run
"I have been lucky enough to have had a personal trainer over the past several weeks and as a result my legs feel stronger. I've noticed I can cope more easily climbing the stairs from the QNI basement kitchen (coffee) to my office on the third floor. I have not done enough running though - certainly nothing close to 10k yet. I need to do a few practice runs in the next few weeks. I am looking forward to the run, just hoping the weather will be decent! I don't think I'll break my personal best of an hour ten minutes though...!" To sponsor Matthew, please click here.

12 July 2011 - AFTER the run!
Well, it's finally over. This is the third year I have done the run. Not exactly a Steve Cram performance from me. I was back there with a man dressed as Scooby Doo and another chap whose family cheered him on with: 'Come on Grandad!' My knees were not thanking me the day afterwards but they seem to have recovered today. Next year I am considering doing something a bit less energetic to raise money for the QNI. Still, it was great to be part of such a wonderful team, meeting so many fun people, and being part of it all. If you're thinking of doing it next year, I'd really recommend it.

Sheila Dilks
Director of Patient Care and Professions
3 May 2011 - 2 months 7 days before the run
"A moment of madness and suddenly I have signed up to running the London 10k for the QNI. Panic followed - I have never run more than 6k in my life and then only once: my history was coming last in school cross country run because, in naughtier days, I stopped for a fag on route!
Still with 60 looming next year, it was now or never. I am fit, I am a regular at the gym, my son is getting married and I wanted to look my best in the photographs.
So I hit the treadmill. Even on holiday I pounded away. I lift weights and have embraced the power plate. A sweaty red-faced runner at best, it is not a pretty sight, but guess what, I love it. Braving the open air was hard but Easter Monday - followed by the bin men - I ran the 5.6 miles non stop and this Monday I repeated the effort. This week was harder due to late nights and celebrating but I still made it round in a reasonable time of 1 hour 10 mins.
My aim is to get below the hour but also enjoy the run and have some fun."

16 June 2011 - less than 1 month before the run!
"My son's wedding has somewhat interrupted my training, back on the track tonight. I have been running 10k once a week to get into  wedding outfit, working on Sheila Dilks theory of weight loss 1 run = 1 more inch lost, sadly a flawed equation but then maths was never my strong point!
Now having to process new MF (MOTIVATIONAL FACTOR) which will be raising loads of money for the QNI and not making a fool of myself. The former: honourable, the latter: a matter of self-preservation in a world where teasing Sheila is a family sport!
Back to running, I am loving the discipline and atlhough not the fastest, enjoy the challenge of goal setting, supported decision-making and self-care.
I find weights and light running alternating with a long run work, but still find running outdoors alone a challenge. Have booked my train and accomodation with daughter so there is no going back now!"

14 July 2011 - AFTER the run!
What a day, what an experience. It was hot, it was sunny and the adrenalin was flowing. A group of (mostly) women in pink tshirts chatted nervously comparing notes, times and most importantly injuries and how we would get round in the face of such adversity! The gun sounded, the race started and half an hour later we hit the start line and I was off and running. Family and friends waved the flag, a Danish one so I could spot them and gave me the boost I needed to get my head down and do the job. One hour, nine minutes and 44 seconds later, I hit the finishing line, hot, proud and funnily enough bursting with energy.
For those contemplating such a challenge, I say go for it, I loved it and had so much fun. But it was hard so I felt a real sense of accomplishment.
I hope to have raised over 300 pounds in total so thanks to everyone for all the support I have had and especially Charlotte the wonderful physiotherapist who helped me do this when all around me were saying I should not be running.



Irene Cooke
Senior Lecturer (Community Nursing & Public Health), QN
10 May 2011 - 2 months before the run
"My previous experience in running is zero - well apart from running towards a sale rail of clothes in M&S twice a year. I decided to run for the QNI this year as I too am passionate about patient care in the community and specifically the quality of care and the safety of those who are vulnerable at home.
So far, my training regime exists of running between lamp-posts, and walking to the next and alternating this pattern for around half an hour a day. I need to improve on this, given at this rate, I'll be completing the run on the Monday! I'm hoping to improve my fitness and stamina over the next few weeks. Will keep you posted." To sponsor Irene,please click here.

17 June 2011 - less than 1 month before the run!
"With 3 weeks to go before the 10k, I'm trying to fit a training regime around the demands of a full-time job. I'm trying to include more walking into my everyday activities like walking to the shops, rather than driving. I went walking in Howarth recently with some colleagues from work and we covered 16 miles and climbed 2500ft, which was brilliant! When we'd completed 10k, everyone in the party cheered me on, so I know that I can walk it comfortably... phew! I'm running a little in the gym too, but prefer walking and running outdoors. PS. Can't wait for the next M&S sale - I should easily get to the rail before the others!" To sponsor Irene, please click here.

12 July 2011 - AFTER the run!
I DID IT! My first ever run in my life and what a way to start! Running through the streets of London with 25,000 others - it was amazing and a very emotional event too, with people running for their dedicated charities with photos of loved ones on their t-shirts. We were motivated by the QNI and the public who kept cheering us along the route - thank you to everyone so much for their support on the day. You helped us so much with your cheering and clapping along the route. My favourite part was running past the Houses of Parliament and seenig Big Ben.

Also, many thanks to everyone who has supported me - you are amazing! I felt so proud and priviledged to represent the QNI - a charity which is dedicated to supporting quality nursing care in the community.

I've got the running bug now - this is the first of many in the future, so watch out M&S - you may need to hide the sale rail in the future! Thanks everyone!!


Marie Walsh

Marie Walsh
Student Nurse
16 May 2011 - less than 2 months before the run
"I have been going to the gym every day now whilst I am off placement and I have just done two 10km races in two weeks. The first one was the Liverpool's women's 10km and the second was the Great Manchester which I completed yesterday (feeling a little sore this morning). I am hoping that all this training will prepare me for London in July!! I want to be able to do my best for the QNI and raise as much money as possible but most importantly I will enjoy the experience with the rest of the QNI team. If you would like to sponsor me please click here. Thank you."

24 June 2011 - 2 weeks before the run
"I have been training towards my first half marathon which is in September, apart from the two 10kms I did in May, I have just been getting out and running and going to the gym as often as I can in between my shifts (currently on placement). I have also just run my first 9 miler on Wednesday! I felt comfortable but was pretty sore on shift the next day. I am taking part in a 5km race this Saturday, and am hoping to do a really good time this year in the London 10km. I hope that all this training will pay off! I am still raising money and am hoping to get over £200 this year to help the QNI. I am really looking forward to meeting up with the team again this year." To sponsor Marie, click here.  


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