The QNI supports nurses to provide the best possible care to individuals, families, carers and populations in the community and primary care.

Following feedback within our networks, it has been recognized that nurses with executive responsibility for community nursing services would benefit from a network of peers to share and learn around practice related issues.

We understand that executive nurses lead busy working lives and may find it challenging to connect with peers easily and regularly. The idea behind the new QNI network is to provide a central resource for community nursing leaders and the QNI, within which ideas and learning can be shared, interaction with colleagues facilitated in order to enhance best practice and improve nursing care in the community.

The network takes a ‘bottom up’ approach and is shaped largely by its members in terms of the discussion topics, ways of communicating and how and when information is shared.

The network is mainly digital, using technology to enable connection and conversation at the convenience of its members. Due to this we hope the network enhances senior community nurses’ busy schedules rather than add to an already high pressured and vitally important job.

To find out more about the network, or to request a registration form please email the CNEN administrator, Charli Bevan.

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