Nurses with executive responsibility for community nursing services are entitled to join the QNI’s Community Nurse Executive Network (CNEN ©) to share and learn about issues relating to workforce, education, policy and planning.

The CNEN provides a central resource centre, where ideas and learning can be shared and interaction with colleagues facilitated, to enhance best practice and improve nursing care in the community. The network brings together high profile speakers to brief members about the latest developments and trends affecting the sector and how to manage future challenges.

Please note, membership of the network is restricted to chief nurses, directors and deputy directors of nursing, or equivalent roles within provider organisations that work in community healthcare.

The network is sponsored by Hallam Medical. Hallam offers the UK’s largest bank of Advanced Nurse Practitioners, Community Nurses, Mental Health Nurses, Acute Nurses, Prison Nurses and 111 Clinical Advisors.

If you are already a member of the network, you can log in using the CNEN button at the bottom of this web page.

To find out more about the network, or to request a registration form, please email Farida Barlas, the CNEN Manager – [email protected]



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