In recent years there has been a range of new educational developments for nurses moving into General Practice.

In collaboration with QNI Scotland, we are therefore working to update the Standards for General Practice Nursing Education and Practice.

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The new standards are focused on Senior General Practice Nurses (SGPNs) and have been designed to reflect the requirements of this role working in new models of care and to reflect the rapid changes in General Practice and broader primary care.  They are NOT designed to be for nurses new to General Practice as there are a range of courses designed to equip nurses new to General Practice with the skills they will need.

These standards seek to guide GPN clinicians, their employers and higher education institutions in the expectations of SGPNs and will guide the development of courses to ensure they enable SGPNs to meet these standards.  We have consulted with nurses working in General Practice and their employers and GPN educators to gather their views on what knowledge, skills and competence SGPNs need and these have been incorporated into the draft standards that are now ready for wider consultation.

Please take this opportunity to read a brief introduction to the project and the draft standards by downloading the PDF file below.

You can share your views about the draft standards included in the document by taking part in a consultation via survey monkey here.

If you would like any additional information, please contact: .

The project is guided by an advisory group with representation from the four UK countries, reflecting perspectives from education commissioners, service and education providers, third sector providers, clinical commissioners, public health and the NMC.

In 2016, the QNI published a major report on the General Practice Nurse workforce – General Practice Nursing in the 21st Century – based on responses from over 3400 nurses.

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