Our Keep in Touch project is a practical way in which we aim to strengthen the Queen’s Nurse community, past and present.

The project offers opportunities to speak to retired Queen’s or community nurses regularly on the phone, to talk about life experiences, aspects of nursing past and present, memories and future plans. It encourages social interaction, creates new bonds and as one of our volunteers said, is truly ‘a two-way benefit’!

It’s a great way to become involved as a volunteer with the QNI in a flexible and supportive environment. Full training (and a QNI mobile phone) is offered to all volunteers.

I really enjoyed our first phone contact... she has had a remarkable life experience.

A Keep in Touch Volunteer

This vital project runs out of funding in December this year. You can help by holding a fundraising tea party. We hope that enough funds will be raised to enable it to continue into next year, so that all the retired Queen’s or community nurses whose lives are enriched by the project will continue to ‘keep in touch’.

If you are a current or former Queen’s Nurse who would like to be included in this project, please get in touch with Suzanne Rich by email or by telephoning her on 020 7549 1400 or 020 7549 1416.

Thank you!

I've got to say I was really 'buzzing' after the call. This project is really a two way benefit!

A Keep in Touch Volunteer

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