This QNI programme, funded by the Burdett Trust for Nursing, aims to improve care for young people who are in the ‘transition’ process from children’s to adults’ community healthcare.

Young people who have been diagnosed with a long term health condition during childhood are supported by dedicated children’s services, working with their parent(s) or guardian(s). Once people reach young adulthood, they need to transition to adult health services. This process can be stressful and confusing for young people and their families, if for example there are gaps in communication or lack of joined up working.

Online Resource

We have produced an online learning resource below, ‘Transition of Care Programme’, for community nurses, to help them understand the issues that young people (and their families) face. The resource aims to improve practice in this key area and improve the experience of young patients.

Click on this link to open the resource:


The project is led by Queen’s Nurse Candice Pellett OBE, who has written a blog about the process.

The QNI held ten focus groups in different parts of the country and conducted three surveys, as well as undertaking wider stakeholder involvement. In all, the views of around 900 people were used to inform the resource. A summary of the focus groups can be downloaded below.

Candice was assisted throughout by a young person who had experienced the transition to adult services, Hannah Phillips. Hannah has also written a blog about her experience.

The QNI also carried out a review of academic literature in this area, which can be downloaded below.

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