In 2007 two nurses, Jane Cook and Jane Gray, approached the QNI asking us to host and support a network to facilitate sharing of issues, challenges and best practice.

Both had worked in homeless health and were passionate about this area of practice and knew from experience how isolated and unsupported this group of nurses felt.

2007-2010 : Homeless Health Initiative

  • The QNI made a successful bid to the Big Lottery Fund and the Homeless Health network was created.
  • Appointment of a Homeless Health Project Manager Kate Tansley and Administrator Barbara Walsh.
  • The Homeless Health Network launch event was held on 20 November 2007. Keynote speakers included Pippa Bagnall, Chief Executive of St Barnabas House Jane Gray, and the local MP Jeremy Corbyn.
  • The project scoped the needs of the nurses and a series of workshops, network activities and relevant resources were developed to support the Homeless Health Network; the number of nurses in the network after three years was approximately 600.
  • A National conference was held in Year 3 of the project attracting over 150 delegates

2010-2013 :  Opening Doors Project

  • The QNI receives funding from John Paul Getty Jr Foundation and Merchant Taylors Company to develop the Opening Doors Project, with a focus on substance misuse. The same model was applied to the network with workshops, networking and resource development continuing.
  • Appointment of new Homeless Health project manager, Jo Fitzpatrick.
  • The steering group was Pippa Bagnall (Chair), Jane Gray, Jane Cook, Gayle Clay, Maxine Jenkins, Val Kennan, Claudine Evetts, Peter Melvin and Marianne Bubb-McGhee.
  • The project held 5 workshop events and produced 4 sets of guidance:
  • Safeguarding Homeless Families
  • Food, Nutrition and Homelessness
  • Mental Health and Homelessness
  • Homelessness and the Criminal Justice System

2014-2017: Homeless Health Project – The Monument Trust

  • Successful funding application to The Monument Trust leads to a new phase of the Homeless Health work focused on learning events and guidance documents. New project manager David Parker-Radford recruited.
  • 10 professionals from specialist nursing and public health roles selected to join the national Homeless Health Advisory Group. These are: Rosalynde Lowe CBE (Chair), Tracy Bromley,  Jane Carpenter,  Dr Maria Fordham, Nicola Glassbrook, Jane Gray QN, Janet Keauffling MBE QN, Jane Morton,  Louise Stewart-Roberts, Rachel Towell, Tracy Williams QN.
  • Project Administrator Lauren Knight recruited.
  • Young people with experience of homelessness share their experiences with the QNI.
  • Specialist Health Assessment Tool launched on World Homeless Day
  • Report on ‘Inclusion Health: Education and Training for Health Professionals’ published by Department of Health
  • Learning guidance produced:
  • Programme Administrator Hanna Mountford recruited.
  • Nursing for All: Homeless and Inclusion Health
    National Conference and Learning Day
    with key speakers the National Youth Reference Group, Duncan Selbie, Chief Executive of Public Health England and Lord Victor Adebowale takes place, organised by the QNI Homeless Health team and featuring a range of speakers with lived experience.
  • 3-year project completed with network doubled in size to over 1400 holding 9 learning events and producing 8 guidance documents, reports and resources.
  • Read the Impact Report 2014-2017 here.

2017-2020: Homeless Health Programme – Oak Foundation


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