Personalised Care describes a way of working that enables individuals and clinicians to work together to deliver care that is realistic, sustainable and appropriate for the individual.

The QNI and NHS England have been working together to implement the personalised care model in community nursing. Queen’s Nurses have been asked to make pledges as Personalised Care Champions at a series of events held around the country.


Universal personalised care was launched in January 2019. More details can be found at

This comprehensive model of personalised care establishes:

  • whole-population approaches to supporting people of all ages and their carers to manage their physical and mental health and wellbeing, build community resilience and make informed decisions when their health changes;
  • a proactive and universal offer of support to people with long-term physical and mental health conditions to build knowledge, skills and confidence and to live well with their health condition;
  • intensive and integrated approaches to empowering people with more complex needs to have greater choice and control over the care they receive.

The model will help the NHS to deliver this shift by bringing together six evidence-based components, each defined by standard practices. These are:

  • Shared decision making
  • Personalised care and support planning
  • Enabling choice, including legal rights to choice
  • Social prescribing and community-based support
  • Supported self-management
  • Personal health budgets and integrated personal budgets.

Professor Alf Collins, National Clinical Director, Personalised Care Group, NHS England, explained the concepts in more detail at the recent QNI/NHSE event:

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