The history of community nursing is rich and diverse; from Florence Nightingale, Barbara Stilwell, Dr June Crown, to many more, there are a great number of pioneering nurses who have influenced and moulded the nursing we know today.

The Oldest Nursing Charity in the World

The QNI is 134 years old this year. Read more about our founder and our history here.

Florence Nightingale and District Nurses

The QNI’s link to Florence Nightingale is not very well known but she was instrumental in helping to create District Nursing. When William Rathbone, the father of district nursing, sought advice, it was to Florence Nightingale that he first wrote, in 1860. She advised him to establish a training home in Liverpool, which was completed by 1863. They subsequently wrote regularly to each other, sharing ideas and experiences, and mutual encouragement. Florence Nightingale had a profound impact on the early development of district nursing and also the foundation of the Queen’s Nursing Institute in 1887. Read more about our shared history here.

Nurse Prescribing

Nurse prescribing became a reality in 1992. Dr June Crown, a trustee of the QNI since 1983, was instrumental in making that happen.



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